Orificies (NSFW)


Illustrations for Young & Idle ‘Show of Hands’ Pornography exhibition, London.

Hand drawn with Indian ink on paper.

‘Women are just a sum of body parts, of orifices to be penetrated’ – Women’s Support Project: What are the impacts of pornography?

Struck by this concept of how pornography reinforces negative stereotypes about women, I present drawings of women being identified only by their ‘parts’ of interest; orifices for the sole purpose of male pleasure. Identities and context removed, the images only invite in a demeaning observer – typical of the way in which pornography as an industry degrades women.

It’s disturbing to observe the way women are portrayed in the sex industry and unavoidable to wonder how this affects and underpins sexist and oppressive attitudes.

Estelle Morris Orificies 1 Estelle Morris Orificies 4 Estelle Morris Orificies 3 Estelle Morris Orificies 2